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Natural Healer was created by Dr. Glaoubakh, a designated Ph.D healthcare professional with over 50 years in the field. After years of trying to control his weight, Dr. Glaoubakh found the secret in the Amaranth plant. Natural Healer fills your body with necessary supplements, energizes your body and stops cravings and hunger.

Amaranth Oil

What is Amaranth good for?

Amaranth also comes in an oil with all the same benefits as the grains.

Interested in trying Amaranth for weight management?
Try this group of products focused on weight loss, bad cholesterol breakdown, body detox & strengthening your immune system.  

Sports Nutrition

Are you looking to build healthy muscles? 
This group of Amaranth products are well suited for athletes, sports nutrition & fitness purposes specifically targeted to muscle gain.

What is Amaranth?

If you’re on the lookout for gluten-free grains that pack a nutritional punch, you’ll definitely want to try amaranth.

The grain has an earthy and nutty flavor, helps you to feel full because of its fiber content, and like quinoa serves as an excellent source of protein.

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Natural Healer New Year's Resolution Plans

Start the new year with a plan to succeed!

Purchase an Amaranth product subscription today, lock down the best price and enhance your physical wellness this year.


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