About Natural Healer

Natural Healer was created by Dr. Glaoubakh. He is a designated Ph.D healthcare professional with over 50 years in the field. 

Dr. Glaoubakh has struggled with managing his weight with a busy career and a big family for years.

He finally achieved his goal at the age of 73 through using this extraordinary natural product, Amaranth grains and Amaranth seed oil. He lost 90 pounds in nine months and has been maintaining his healthy weight for years.

Dr. Glaoubakh founded Natural Healer to add to his food and help him lose pounds. The brand offers oil and grains that contain nutrients, fiber, amino acids and vitamins – all the body needs to break down fat cells. This weight loss and management product is unique in its nature as it speeds up the metabolism, detoxes your body and restores bioflora all in one. 

Natural Healer weight management program fills your body with necessary supplements, energizes your cells and stops your cravings and hunger. Adding Natural Healer to your every day routine will help you see the drastic results you’ve been trying to achieve.


100% Gluten-Free & Organic

Amaranth is an excellent source of protein that packs a nutritional punch.

Amaranth Health Benefits

If you’re on the lookout for gluten-free grains that pack a nutritional punch, you’ll definitely want to try amaranth. The grain is gaining popularity today because of its startling health benefits. 

It has an earthy and nutty flavor, helps you to feel full because of its fiber content, and like quinoa serves as an excellent source of protein.


One of the most desirable elements of the amaranth grain is the fact that it features lysine in much larger quantities than other grains. Lysine is an essential amino acid (protein) for the human body, which makes amaranth a “complete protein”. This is very desirable for human health, as it delivers all the essential amino acids to create usable proteins within the body, thereby optimizing the metabolism and ensuring proper growth and development. This is why for indigenous cultures and those with limited access to diverse food sources, amaranth grain represents a vital component of their diet.


Amaranth contains a special amino acid called lysine. It also contains nutrients and minerals like magnesiumiron, phosphorous, potassium and vitamins C & E, to help eradicate free radicals that cause aging and lead to the formation of cancerous cells.


As mentioned above, amaranth grain contains a high level of dietary fiber, which can help to optimize the digestive system and eliminate constipationbloatingcramping, and more serious conditions, like colon cancer and gastric ulcers. Dietary fiber also helps to increase nutrient uptake efficiency, and with the high concentration of nutrients in the grain, this is a very important side effect of that dietary fiber.


Amaranth is rare for grains, in the sense that it has vitamin C, and this gives it an immune system-boosting edge over its dietary competitors. With high levels of vitamin C, amaranth grain can help boost the overall immune system, as vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production, and can also contribute to faster healing and repair of cells, due to its functional role in the production of collagen.


Amaranth is one of the richest sources of calcium. It has been found to decrease the risk of calcium deficiencies, and in turn reduces the risk of bone diseases like weak joints (osteoporosis) and rheumatoid pains. It is one of the best replacements for all lactose-intolerant people.


Acquiring protein in our diet is one of the most reliable ways to keep our bodies toned, developed, and functioning properly. The unusually high levels of plant proteins in amaranth make it an ideal addition to the diet if one wants to ensure the healthy growth of cells, muscles, tissues, and skin.

Amaranth is a Natural Product

It's used daily all over South America.

How Does Amaranth Affect the Body?

Amaranth is a plant that contains an abundance of nutritional qualities, the amaranth grain has been actively used in a daily diet by multiple cultures all over South America.

Due to its many nutritional benefits the grain has recently gained popularity in North America.

Benefits include immune system support, breaking down bad cholesterol, regenerates bio-flora, it insures smooth digestion and nutrient absorption, it consists mostly of resistant starch, which is a prebiotic that has a wide spectrum of positive effects on the body by helping restore intestinal micro flora.

Natural Healer focuses on whole grain nutrition therefore, Amaranth is its key ingredient. Its mission is to create a brand the supports health and longevity.

Natural Healer is an Approved  Health Canada Product – #80093910