Chocolaty Millet Amaranth Porridge with Beets, Carrot and Zucchini

I hardly ever use just one grain to prepare porridge – usually it is a blend of two different grains. So, this time I decided to make chocolaty millet amaranth porridge with raw grated veggies. The chocolaty part of this porridge comes from carob and cacao, which is another blend I use very often. I think carob and cacao work perfectly together, one being sweet and the other bitter. I’m sure you have noticed the pair in my Chocolaty Sweet Potato MuffinsBeet-Carrot Chocolate Muffins or Oil-Free & Sugar-Free Chocolate Sauce.

Now, let’s move on to the raw grated veggies in my millet amaranth porridge. I started to add raw veggies into my porridges shortly after I went on vegan Candida diet simply to have more raw foods in my menu and to diminish the part of grains that tend to have quite high glycemic load. I really liked what I had created and haven’t given up on the combo of porridge and raw veggies ever since.

Why should you soak the grains before making your morning porridge? Well, soaking enhances the mineral absorption by diminishing phytates and phytic acid in grains/seeds. Furthermore, soaking makes your grains much easier to digest, which means wellbeing through less or no bloating and/or gas. Besides, remember not to combine grains with fruits/berries and nuts, if you have a sensitive belly. I have found that my system (quite sensitive one I might say) works well with a small quantity of berries and fresh figs. Read more about Why Combining Right Foods Matters.


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