Spiced Delicata Squash With Amaranth And Garlic Yogurt

spiced delicata or bust

I think my favorite thing about fall cooking is the wealth of squash that come to play. Sure, there’s the staple butternut and acorn but once you start venturing out, those squash are just a number in a line of amazing varieties. Red Kuri! Blue Hubbard! Kabocha! Each one with different flavors, consistencies, and uses.

It might be obvious why I chose delicata for this recipe: no peeling and it’s beautiful in it’s ring form. However, as I recently discovered on a trip to the midwest: it’s not always available. So, if you can’t find it, use cubed butternut squash or sweet potato instead.

amaranth: not just for porridge

I find most people avoid amaranth because this little pseudo-grain does not cook like any other. It makes a wonderful porridge but the second you want to do anything else, things start to get murky. Amaranth contains higher amounts of amylopectin (a main component of starch). This creates the gelatinous texture that helps amaranth be great porridge.


Find the full recipe on Naturally Yella

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